Experience the Arts

Experience the Arts

With so many talented and diverse artists living in Maryland, it’s no wonder that our region is an art lovers’ destination. You will find countless galleries, performance centers, public art locations, and studios. Check out this three-day itinerary to take in as much of our thriving art scene as you can.


Once your settled at the hotel, pop over to the Inner Harbor for an evening of fun and cultural enrichment. Explore the American Visionary Art Museum, the Crystal Moll Gallery or the Robert McClintock Gallery. Each will location will captivate you with its original works of art created by innovative artists. After you savor a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants in the Harbor, catch a classic playwright at the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company.


Head over to Annapolis to experience their Arts District. Flooded with restaurants, art galleries, performance art studios, events, workshops, and more, this district encompasses the spirit of Annapolis’ art community. After you pop in a few places and grab a bite to eat, head down to Maryland Hall. Here you will find a wide range of arts-related programming for people of all ages. From galleries to classes and a theater to artists in residence.

Or, wander the streets and let the art find you. A fascinating display of sculptures, murals, and other public art showcasing Annapolis’ rich history awaits. End your day with a delicious dinner in the “maritime district” of Annapolis, Eastport. Their restaurant row on Severn Ave features so many delicious dining options, you will struggle to decide where to eat.


Rise and shine. It is a beautiful day to visit our nation’s capital. Known for its world-renowned museums, awe-inspiring galleries, and rich culture – Washington D.C. is a must to visit when in Maryland. Check out the 29thcentury church in the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood. It is hard to miss with its colorful exterior. This eclectic building is home to Blind Whino SW Arts Club. Or, visit the renowned National Gallery of Art and its breathtaking Sculpture Garden. A fan of pop culture, visit the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. History buffs and art lovers alike can get lost all day exploring the artistic sites around the city.